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I really enjoyed this very well written book in which the author …

March 7, 2018

I really enjoyed this very well written book in which the author draws you into a story of mystery, love, intrigue, history and danger. It is set in New Orleans and is very informative! I felt like I was there! I really want to go there now!
I highly recommend this wonderful read!

A Southern Romance, “From Head to Heart”

March 5, 2018

“A Little Gumbo in Her Face” is a fascinating and moving love story set in the romantic City of New Orleans, a place of stunning beauty and Old World contrasts.

Dr. Manon Dumas Benoit is a self-assured, but conflicted psychiatrist whose strong-willed complexity and stubbornness has caused her to close off from finding her true soulmate. That is, until she meets Andre St. Julien, a handsome and charming, Creole FBI agent, who intrigues her at first sight and first dance.

Only, Andre has been escaping his own trauma, as well.

Their obsessive love of Tango becomes a metaphor for the twists, turns, drama, and intrigue that awaits them, as they work together, and at odds, to solve the mystery of a dangerous explosion, a case that Andre must solve.

Why have they become such “broken” souls?

Manon’s character is carefully revealed in layers and deeply nuanced. She’s educated, smart, talented and professional, with a firm belief in God. But she’s also desperate, despondent, and lonely.

Fortunately, her friends stand by her, to aide in her redemption, and to give her the love, hope, and strength she sorely needs to overcome her doubts about men and finding true love. And Andre’s love is certainly put to the test. Her “dark warrior” must reveal himself and lay bare is inner-most feelings, which he does through deeply personal and beautifully warm love letters that go unanswered for weeks. How can Manon’s feelings be moved ‘from head to heart”?

What has to happen to make her realize that she can be happy again?

How can Manon and Andre come to a belief that their mutual love will be reciprocated?

“A Little Gumbo In Her Face” is richly and gorgeously written. It’s delicious, thematic threads of love, both lost and found, and of “Identity”… weave a gorgeous and timely cultural tapestry that will take you away, with danger, risk, spirit, and soul.

Kudos to Arleen Cerbone Faustina for creating such an entertaining and deeply moving story.

Great Plot and Wonderful Characters

March 2, 2018

This is a sweet love story with some mystery and intrigue sprinkled in. The plot unravels in New Orleans, and the author paints the most beautiful picture of the sights, sounds, ambience and even tastes of Crescent City. There are several interfacing story lines, and the historical background of the deeply entrenched Creole culture is fascinating. The colorful characters are brought to life in such a way that I felt as if I knew them personally – and most of them I wish I did, especially the zany, mystical Beatrice who adds a very special touch. A Little Gumbo in Her Face is enjoyable reading and reminds me that a visit to the Big Easy is definitely in my future.

Intrigue in the Big Easy!

February 25, 2018

“A Little Gumbo in Her Face” delivers a compelling story of passion, danger and the search for one’s identity set against the back drop of the steamy, vibrant city of New Orleans. From the first page the author introduces us to Manon Benoit, a strong and confident psychiatrist whose expertise in treating PTSD patients leads her on a life changing experience when she meets a handsome Creole FBI agent, Andy St. Julien, tango dancing. Their love does not go smoothly as they have scars from past relationships. An oil rig explosion and subsequent investigation into possible domestic terrorism also puts Manon and Andy at odds because of their conflicting professional responsibilities. The book is filled with colorful, likeable characters whose lives are woven into the fabric of New Orleans. Through Ms. Faustina’s vivid descriptions, I felt I was introduced and immersed in New Orleans culture and traditions. The author’s medical background also gave me a better understanding of PTSD and other mental health disorders. It was a real treat to find such an entertaining yet intelligent read. There are some books you don’t want to end and this is one of them! When I finished this book I wanted to fly to New Orleans, take tango lessons and hopefully read a new Arleen Cerbone Faustina book! Hard to believe this was her debut novel, the first, I hope, of many to come.

Mystery and romance set in New Orleans-a great combination!

February 5, 2018

Ms. Faustina has captured the feel of New Orleans in this wonderful story! Manon’s character finds mystery and romance in colorful New Orleans. It all begins with a tango. I highly recommend this book.